How to write a problem solution essay

Have you ever thought about how many serious social, economic, political, cultural, psychological, and other problems surround us every day? And we haven’t yet found a solution to the problem that can be solved. That’s why journalists, writers, researchers, scientists write essays that will help you address either problem.

How to choose a topic?

Despite the topic and type, your essay should be interesting for your audience. If the reader has met your paper, it should be so interesting that they would like to read to the end with the author and get the answer to their main question. In view of this, it’s very important not only what you are writing about but the way how you present your information to your readers. Which tools you use for this and how they are combined in your topic – these questions are very important too.

When it comes to a problem solution essay, from the name of the paper we get to know that it must help the reader solve some problem. You discuss in it how to do something in the best way, it can be a guide to solving a problem. When you can’t decide which topic to select, you can just think of problems that people surrounding you have, which problems separate social groups have. For instance, which problems male and female, teenagers and adults, homeless and low-income families have, etc. You should write a list of problems that these social groups have. But social problems are not all problems requiring to be solved, there are a lot of other sorts of issues, including historical, cultural, educational, political ones, and others. You may choose a question, you want to share a decision if you have one. This is very important because if you start writing about things you don’t know onions about, it will look stupid.

Which components does the paper consist?

After determining the objective of the solution paper, think of its main components. This kind of essay consists of four components, among them:

  • a situation – in this one, you will tell the reader what your paper is about;
  • an issue – the next step is presenting an issue to those people who need to solve a problem;
  • the solution to problem – in this component, you are telling about one or several options for solving the issue;
  • evaluation – after the solution component, you need to make the evaluation of the solutions and offer available recommendations due to the solutions of your problems. This one helps the reader select an option of solutions suitable for them.

Pay your attention to that situation presented by the author of the paper is one, but there are a lot of problems and solutions assigned to the situation.

How to create a plan or structure?

Before starting to describe the situation and available problems, you can create a plan or structure scheme of your paper. It helps you emphasize key moments and focus on them building up the layers around the core of the text. When it comes to the block structure of the paper, the first component is an introduction where you discuss the situation. The first block consists of questions, and the other block consists of answers to them. They are linked with each other due to the transition element. At the end of the paper, there is a conclusion. This is one of the structure types.

Another one is a chain structure type. It resembles a real chain consisting of the problems and their solutions, where every solution follows the problem and situation. This type of the structure is very convenient for the reader because they get answers to their questions at once.

How to write the paper?

When the structure is ready, you can set about writing. In the introduction section, you should retail the situation in your own words. You can tell a true-life story about the issue. The best illustration of the situation will be statistics or real facts from the life. A detailed explanation of the situation will help the reader understand why this issue has to be solved and the level of its necessity. Describe the history of the situation and explain to readers how this situation has developed during a particular period of time. It helps readers understand a background of the history. Use bright description elements making it possible for readers to appreciate a situation. If you have selected a topic for your essay “Influence of harmful food on the human health”, you can focus on that which food is harmful to human health, list the most harmful products destroying our organism.

Before discovering the topic, you should gather all the necessary information for your paper and study them. You must know onions. For this, it’s necessary to read other essays from different sources including books, newspapers, magazines, and online sources. After that, it’s very important to analyze all of them and make your own conclusion.

If you haven’t found enough information about the problem you are writing about, you can gather information. For this, you can use different tests, interviews, surveys, researching and other methods to get the necessary information. For instance, if the topic of your paper sounds like “Main tools of the modern literature”, you can make surveys of the modern poets or prosaists.

Which components does the paper consist of?

After gathering sources, you must create a strong statement thesis. This is the most important part of such kind of paper and should be at the beginning of the paper and at the end. It resembles a thread with beads that are additional components helping to discover the topic. It’s better when the thesis consists of one or two sentences describing an issue laconically and exactly. This statement follows the description of the situation. For instance, if you are writing about the influence of harmful food on the human health, the statement must sound in such a way: “Harmful food impacts human health causing obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.”

After forming the thesis statement, it’s time create the body of the paper consisting of the solutions to the problems. The body includes three or more paragraphs. If your problem solution essay is about the influence of fast food and other harmful food on the human health, as the solution to this problem you can offer useful food for the human health or write about that how to avoid harmful food and take a healthy diet. You can write about that which components healthy diet consists of including proteins, fats, fiber, calcium, and carbohydrates.

Every your statement should be supported with bright examples. If you want your essay not to be boring for your readers, avoid a simple list of the problems and their solutions. It’s not interesting. Try to illustrate every particular solution with bright examples from the life of Hollywood stars or stories from the books. For instance, if you write about how to take a healthy diet, you can illustrate this solution with a personal diet of Beyonce, who was avoiding animal proteins for 22 days. Such bright examples help readers use their imagination.

After you have stated all the solutions, you should write the evaluation at the end of the problem solution essay. This helps emphasize all pros and cons of particular decisions and makes your paper completed. You can write this one in the conclusion briefly reminding all the issues and their solutions. This part also can include a call to action.


After writing the paper, you should check it for mistakes and make sure that it includes all four main components. Confirm, that every issue has its solution and bright instance helping illustrate the solution. Also, you should check whether the thesis statement is at the beginning of the paper and at the end. After finding every necessary component in the text you can strike it out from the plan.

If everything is ok with the meaning and structure of the paper, it’s time to edit the text. This is checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You can use for this different online services and dictionaries helping you find out all the mistakes and correct them.

Several pieces of advice on how to write an interesting essay:

  • the problem you are writing about should be interesting for the readers;
  • make sure that the issue is very serious and really needs to be solved;
  • when it comes to the solutions, you must describe them the most clearly for readers;
  • make sure that the solution offered in the paper is easy to bring to the life. You should understand that anybody won’t do unrealistic things. The easier your solution is, the more probability the reader reads the text to the end;
  • convenience the reader that you offer the best solutions.

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