Crucial Skills and Hacks to Survive if You Are a Student

Hacks to Survive if You Are a Student

Amazing student life is time for self-determination, it is searching for the meaning of existence and achieving goals. A person who begins his life has a sea of possibilities. But he needs to have the courage to take advantage of them. This is a beautiful time of freedom from obligations and various frameworks in which a person is driven by time, experience, caution, loss. Sometimes a beautiful time comes in a strange city, where yesterday’s graduate of school goes after a dream and education. It sounds very romantic.

The Reverse Side of the Coin

But in fact, the best way to finally say goodbye to childhood is to be alone in a strange city. This is claimed by psychologists. In conformity with them, it is in this situation that the hidden qualities of yesterday’s schoolchildren manifest themselves. A modest and quiet boy can become a leader, and a lifelong student can begin to live at parties. What dangers lie in wait for students away from home, how not to get into trouble and succeed in studying? We will understand together.

Meet in Absentia

From the outset, learn as much as possible about the neighbors with whom you will share the room. The room can accommodate from two to four people, depending on its area; in advance, get acquainted with possible neighbors in order to avoid conflicts in the future. They do not necessarily need your presence. The situation, as a result, can become unbearable, and the dwelling will turn into a zone of protracted military operations.

Provide Yourself with the Most Necessary from the First Day

In addition to the standard set (table, chair, wardrobe, bed), there is usually nothing else in the room. In the best cases, you will be provided with a bedside table and even a lamp. It is advisable to plan carefully what you need in your household and take these items with you. Some dormitories have luggage storage – so, leaving on vacation, you can leave your personal things there.

Eat Rationally

In the matter of nutrition, adhere to the most rational scheme: to cook at home and bring dinners with you. The maximum that can be allowed is a couple of times a week to have dinner in a cafe. Practice shows that it is cheaper to get into the hypermarket once a week and buy products there.

Control Your Expenses from the First Penny

To begin with, you need to learn how to plan your budget by writing down all your monthly incomes and expenses. It is very important to take into account absolutely all costs – for housing, transportation, utilities, as well as entertainment. This will provide you with a clear picture of where the bulk of your money goes. You should understand that in order to use not all of your monthly budget, you will have to give up some goods and services that do not belong to basic necessities.

Stick to the Planned Budget

It’s one thing to make a budget, and it’s quite another to stick to it. If everything was as easy, we would all have long been millionaires. In order not to be disappointed at the end of the month, making a budget, it is worth sticking to a few simple rules:

  1. The budget should be realistic. You are unlikely to survive a month on canned food and pasta so before you plan the amount, look at how much you spent the previous month.
  2. Leave a certain amount for unforeseen expenses. It can be only 5 or 10% of your earnings, but you can stick to your budget, even if fate is against it.
  3. Reduce the cost of entertainment and join themed city groups on social networks. You can always be aware of interesting entertainment activities that are free of charge. Your friends will always feed you, they will give you a drink and invite you to a party, but.
  4. Dedicate the time that was previously spent in entertainment centers, walking around the city, traveling, playing sports. This is useful for both wallet and health.

Follow these reasonable and easy pieces of advice and you will notice that you have facilitated your life several times. And even have free time and extra money at the end of the month.