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Have you completed the painstakingly long and tedious job of writing your dissertation? It’s understandable if you are dreading the thought of proofreading and editing now that you have finally just finished writing it! Don’t stress about it! Let FreelanceHouse.co.uk help ease your worries by supplying you with a dissertation proofreading and editing services UK.


There are so many places online that offer to edit dissertation papers for you, so why should you choose FreelanceHouse.co.uk instead of any other place? Our company comes with these benefits for you:

  1. Communicate with your editor directly to provide editing guidelines and clear instructions

  2. Contact customer support 24/7 about any concerns you may have

  3. Check the status of your order online at any time

  4. Use our website on your mobile device

  5. Receive your work on time – Guaranteed!

  6. Don’t like something? Use your 3 free revision requests to make sure the work is perfect

  7. Get paired with an experienced, university educated UK writer

Those are just a few of the great advantages of working with FreelanceHouse.co.uk. for dissertation editing service or any other writing and editing service. Our past clients have been so happy with our work that 83% of them placed 5 or more orders from our site, and that comes from over 90,000 successful orders in 2015 alone! Our past clients and current customers have a lot of good things to say about FreelanceHouse.co.uk. Don’t take our word for it, check out our online feedback and reviews for yourself.


Ordering custom dissertation editing services from FreelanceHouse.co.uk is as simple as can be. You don’t need any experience in looking for the best editors because they already work for us and we will be matching them to your assignment based on what they studied, their level of education, and their expertise on your topic subject matter.

All you have to do to place an order is follow these steps:

  • Click on the “ORDER” button below

  • Fill out the information on the form, selecting dissertation editing services as your order type.

  • Pay for your order using your preferred online payment method.

  • Receive a notification in your email when your order is complete and ready to be downloaded from our website!

It really is that easy to get the best dissertation editing service in the UK. Everything can be done online within just a few minutes of your time. Those few minutes can help you to save time doing the work yourself, might improve your grades, and will almost guarantee you the more academic success of your dissertation paper!

Urgent orders can be processed upon request. Make sure to select the proper urgent paper deadline to alert us that your order needs to be completed right away!


Your dissertation is arguably one of the single most important papers you will ever write in your academic career. As such, it should be as near to perfect as possible. It’s not always possible to proofread and edit your entire dissertation by yourself and it is unlikely that you will find a friend, classmate, or family member who can give you high quality editing for free. Your best option to ensure a great result is submitted is to get custom dissertation editing service.

When you pay, you get to call all the shots with your editor. Give them your instructions from the professor as well as any personal requirements and let them work their craft to make sure your dissertation paper is stunning by the time you submit it.

Why should you consider ordering dissertation editing services in the first place? There are a few excellent answers to this question:

  1. You have an unconscious bias

While you might not feel like you will favour your work at all when you do your own editing, there is an unconscious understanding in your mind about what you mean by saying certain words and the purpose of a specific arrangement of paragraphs. It might be clear to you what you are saying because you wrote the paper, but those who do not have this same understanding may not quite get it the same way you do. Hiring dissertation editing service is the only way around this self-bias issue.

  1. Editors understand academic papers and complex UK English

You will certainly have some understanding of how to use the English language properly, as you are a university student, but there is a good chance that you do not understand it in the same way as an editor does. Editors can find mistakes you didn’t even know existed and will know exactly how to fix them to improve the paper.

  1. Good proofreading and editing is time-consuming

There is nothing easy about editing your dissertation! It is a challenging task that takes a lot of time and a lot of concentrated effort. If you simply don’t have the time and energy to do the job well, you should not be doing it at all. Let FreelanceHouse.co.uk take on this stressful project for you while you focus on something else instead.

  1. Outside editing services can improve your dissertation quality

A fresh set of eyes can do wonders for your dissertation paper. Our academic proofreading UK editors will read over your paper and make sure it flows well, reads easily, and clearly communicates the information you are trying to give to your readers. If something is unclear or the editor does not understand your content, they may ask you to clarify something so that they can fix it in the writing. Once your order is complete, you will walk away with a polished, beautifully written academic paper that you can proudly turn in to your professor or supervisor!


If you need custom dissertation editing service or any other writing or editing service, FreelanceHouse.co.uk is ready and waiting to fulfil your order. Every order you place grants you these guarantees:

  • 3 Free Revisions

  • 24/7 Customer Service

  • Zero Plagiarism

  • UK Editors and Writers Only

Don’t delay! Order now and remove the stress of dissertation proofreading and editing from your shoulders!

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