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Professional and fast thesis editing services by UK Ph.D. editors

Literacy and logical writing and editing presentation, as well as the absence of all kinds of errors - this is the very important thing. Otherwise even the most interesting and important text can turn into information debris.

Our experienced academic editors will qualitatively cope with the task to correct mistakes in your thesis and any text, as well as improve the style and readability of any text in English.

We provide our thesis editing service for publishers and authors, scholars and writers, companies and individuals.

We offer editing services for the student loan who need perfect texts and prefer writing to buying admission essays.

Our guidelines for editing process consist of several stages:

  • • Verification of vocabulary: elimination of violations of the norms of usage. Often the author misses the choice of words from a number of units close by value or form, including a mixture of paronyms, inaccurate choice of a synonym; the use of words in non-existent meanings; violation of the norms of lexical compatibility; the use of anachronisms with the mix of linguistic and cultural realities; the wrong use of phraseological phrases.
  • • Stylistic thesis servicing: the elimination of unreasonably used words of a different stylistic color. Common mistakes: stylistic inappropriateness for a particular text, a mixture of styles, use of cliches and incorrect or bulky metaphors; lexical insufficiency and lexical redundancy; the ambiguity of the text. The need for academic editing to correct the text stylistically arises much more often than it seems even to the skillful author.
  • • Elimination of semantic mistakes by academic editors: restoration of the requirements for the accuracy of word usage in your thesis: the use of words in non-native meanings; tautology (use of single-root words).
  • • Checking the logic and structure (logical editing) during the dissertation or term papers editing - checking the sequence of the development of the plot, the absence of semantic, textural, plot repeats or omissions; editing research means proofreading whether the text is broken into parts and paragraphs in a logical and competent way; improved composition of the essay. In some cases, the services of the editor imply actual elite editing - sources and citations, figures, dates, surnames, events.

There is absolutely no need to deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying the fact that your own text brought to the state of ripe literacy. Use affordable editing every time you write your essay or work on the thesis. Feel free to contact academic editors who help a little with your artistic, advertising and scientific text. You can order thesis editing any time you wish. The qualified and punctual specialists of our Editing Service are all at your service.

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