English essay useful words and phrases

Some months ago I got a task to write a composition about anything I liked. “What can be easier?”, I asked myself. But suddenly I have lost myself in the numerous ideas and could not manage to start a sentence even. I realized that I urgently needed help. I was not going to ask someone to write my essay, but I needed words, phrases and expressions which would fit my idea. I have started searching for good phrases for composition on the Internet. Luckily, this online helper is available 24/7 and provides any information you need. Before I found the expressions to use in an essay, I have known that the key to a successful composition is short sentences. While many may think that the longer sentence is, the more confident the author looks, it is a short sentence that can be more powerful. But even a short sentence must contain persuasive and useful words and phrases for top appreciation of the readers. Thanks a lot, a powerful virtual helper, for answering the question I could not find the answer for before.

Words, phrases and expressions to use in an essay

Here are some examples of the expressions to use in an essay which helped me a lot during my paperwork writing.

Following the structure of any paperwork, you are going to search for the right words to begin it. It is recommended to use these sentence starters: to begin with, to outline the main points, let us consider the facts on, the main thing that needs to be said is, it is often considered that.

Keep in mind that the starters above should be written with capital letters like every word which start a sentence.

The following expressions are going to help you compare something: in the same way, to make a comparison between.and, the distinction between.

You might apply to some (inconcrete) experts to confirm the facts and data used for composition writing. In this situation, the following starters or enders will be just in time: we should also point the fact, experts believe /say/state/confirm/consider that, with the reference to the facts represented by (name of the expert), one should come to a conclusion that.

The conclusion of the paperwork can be started as follows: to draw the conclusion one can say that, it is up to you to decide whether.or not, in conclusion, I can say that.

These are only a tiny part of the phrases which can be used in the essay. Do not overdo, but write about the main idea of the composition and open yourself and your own ideas. Writing an essay is a wonderful way to show your writing skills and to demonstrate your abilities to concentrate on the topic you are talking about.