How to stay awake in class?

You are not able to understand how much students want to sleep during the class if only you were not one of them. Especially if it’s early in the morning, and yesterday until late you hung out with your friends at a party or overnight worked on a project.

Student life is full of different events. It is one of the funnies periods of your life, and you shouldn’t despond. It is hard to avoid lack of sleep in such circumstances. The option “go to bed early” dies at the stage of the idea. What to do if you are at another important lecture in such condition that you can hardly keep your eyes open?

There are a few tips that can help you out in such situations. It is better to prevent them and stick to sleep pattern, but sometimes it happens that you buy assignment at Freelance House UK and have a proper rest, but you fall asleep due to a terribly boring lecture, when the teacher reads things that you do not understand in a monotonous voice, and you have to fight it.

Focus your attention

For the development of this skill, there are many different exercises; you can do them at your leisure. They are simple and effective, for instance, take a glass of water, carry it with your fingers at eye level. Concentrate completely on the water; it has to be still. Now take the glass with the other hand. Start with one minute and then increase the time. When you are concentrated on the lesson, it is not that difficult for you to follow the study process, which means that you stay chipper.


If you do not have a light snack before the lesson and do not drink green tea or coffee, you will feel sluggish and think that life leaves you. Any kind of mental activity requires a lot of calories. You do not have to stuff your stomach until you are not able to breathe, you will fall asleep even faster, but you should not feel hungry, otherwise when you blink once again. You will open your eyes already at the very end of the lesson when the school bell rings.

Take notes

Not all teachers force students to make notes without fail. Even if this is not necessary, try to write down something. The teacher’s voice can lull you easily, and if you make some uncomplicated actions, this will remain you in the ranks. You can draw something in the margin. The drawing should not be complicated and meaningful; it should not draw attention to itself – the simpler and more automatic it is, the better it will work to maintain concentration. But such doodling will not help you later to recall what was said in the lesson.

Body position

When you are about to fall asleep, you want to feet up on a chair or put your head on your hands and have colorful dreams, but you have to control yourself and follow the train of your teacher’s thoughts attentively. Sit straight, put your feet next to each other on the floor, keep your shoulders back and watch your posture all this time. Keep your neck and head straight. Periodically spin your feet and hands. Light physical exercises give vivacity. If you do not want to disturb others and attract the attention of the teacher at this time, ask to leave and warm up behind the door.

Take part

The best thing that you can do during the lecture when you use your last ounce of strength not to fall asleep is to participate in it. Get involved in the process, and you will not notice how quickly time passes, and you can run to campus and sleep off. Ask questions, clarify the points that are not clear to you. Do not be afraid to seem obtrusive. Curiosity is a good trait for a student.

If you adhere to these tips, you will not only remain awake, but you will get maximum benefit from this situation. The time when you can make a plus out of the minus.