How to learn better than your classmates?

You have the motivation; you are determined. Is the desire to be the best now is your impetus and guiding star during this academic year enough? Is it enough to just wish to achieve the goal? Of course not.

A person always struggles to be cooler than others, to achieve greater success than people around and to be at the peak of success and glory. That is how a person was created, and he does everything possible to achieve this since childhood. This aspiration is as natural as a desire to visit personal statement writing service for higher grades. If you are interested in this topic, it means that you are the owner of ambitious plans, are not afraid of difficulties (because nothing comes free), and you want to become the best student in your class.

Did you notice that there is no class in any educational institution in the world where all students have the same set of excellent knowledge and skills? Usually, most of the students have an average level, a few lag behind, and only 1-2 people stand out and differ thanks to the excellent grades. What helps them to succeed and become leaders?

You have to persevere with it despite the difficulties you will face. But having overcome them, you will be able to say with pride “I have achieved everything myself”. The vital thing is not to turn off the road and not to give up. Everything’s in your hands. We have some tips to help you with this. Enjoy reading.

Don’t draw learning out into a lifetime special

Motivation is wonderful when you like to study, like the subjects that you are taught. It helps a lot when you have to learn something. You just sit down for textbooks and take pleasure while absorbing the material. Even if you hate some subject – study. Unlike classmates who are doing everything at the last moment, you will always be one step ahead, if not 5, because during this time you have the opportunity to learn and repeat the material several times, while the neighbors on the desk will work on this information only once.

Helping others help yourself

Usually, A’grade students do not like and avoid questions from their classmates in every possible way. They respond to requests for help with refusal and do it in vain. It has long been scientifically proven that when you teach or explain something to somebody, you deepen your understanding of this material and memorize it faster for good. Because how can you teach anything when you do not understand it yourself? Do a good deed, help classmates catch up with the material making more new friends. They will always be grateful for your help, sooner or later you will need their helping hand. Do not be a reserved nerd, be a student who is respected.

Be good at the background material

Many students encountering difficult paragraphs or statements in them close the textbooks and bail on studies. When such moments accumulate, they completely lose the desire to study, and only a few of them manage to resume the motivation eventually. Simple misunderstanding. If you do not want to spend even more effort to re-find the desire to study, clear up all the difficult moments, the Internet or teachers – it’s up to you, but do not avoid them.

Not by textbooks alone

Knowing the material that is available to everyone on your course, you will be a good student, if you want to become the best one, you will have to sweat and study additional literature yourself. New data you can use in your essays, talk about them in classes, ask teachers untypical questions, earning more points. We want to warn that not all literature is suitable for this task, carefully choose sources of information and use only reliable ones.

In advance

All good teachers give out a list of the topics of lectures and seminars before the beginning of the course. Do not be lazy to use it and study these topics in advance. It will be easier for you to navigate in a huge stream of new information, to memorize immediately and specify the moments along the way that have caused you questions while studying yourself.


Each course is designed for work in the classroom and at home. Even in those educational institutions where students are not asked to do homework (such also exist), we advise you to work on the material again after class. The human brain works only by 20%, and no matter how attentive you were at the lecture, you will memorize only a small fraction of what you were told. Do not worry, just do homework, always and in full.