How to Deal with Studying and Pregnancy

How to Deal with Studying and Pregnancy

Life is often a series of unplanned events. But whilst this is a fact, these unplanned events are not always negative, some of them can be very positive indeed, although can often come as a shock at first.

Pregnancy is among those unexpected but very pleasant surprises. And even if you don’t know right now how to continue with your studies and complete your final degree, don’t be upset. We have some really useful tips for you.

It’s not going to be easy, that much we know, but if you do find yourself in this situation, let’s talk about a few ways on how to continue with your studies, and not fall foul of that giving up prematurely pitfall, which happens all too often.

Find the Support Network at Once

Find the Support Network at Once

Basically, it’s about seeking out a support network, talking to your family, talking to your university lecturers, and making sure you don’t allow yourself to become too stressed out. That might sound like a ridiculous notion, because this sounds like a stressful situation from the start, but if you can pull together your resources, i.e. the people in your life, you can make the situation much easier on yourself, and everyone else around you.

Parents Are Always Ready to Help

The first step is of course to tell your parents, and to gain their support; there are going to be times when you need to rely on them to help out, especially after the birth, so talk to them about your feelings and expectations, and listen to any advice they give you. It’s all too easy to become too head-strong in these situations, but this is certainly a case of listening to your elders!

Talk with Your Class Lecturer

The next step is to make an appointment with your class lecturer. This isn’t going to be the first time they have encountered this situation, and it won’t be the last, so don’t discount any help they can give you. Many universities now have dedicated personnel to help students during difficult times, because they don’t want you to be dropping out of college because of your personal circumstances. There are many helpful measures available, such as attending lectures a reduced amount of time, and working from home the rest of the time, for example. Flexible study can easily be fit into a pregnancy/parenthood situation, with a little help from friends and family. Even after the birth, it’s entirely possible to juggle studying and parenthood, including help with breastfeeding, crèches, reduced time attending etc.

On top of this, your lecturer may be able to put you into contact with others who have successfully combined study and pregnancy/parenthood, to give you another string to your support network bow. We can’t stress enough how important support in this situation can be, and it can be the major difference between continuing with your studies, and giving up.

Don’t Even Think of Leaving the Studies

Don't Even Think of Leaving the Studies

Of course, many people decide to leave their studies when they find out they are pregnant, or as the pregnancy progresses, because they don’t seek out the help they need. Many people don’t realise help is out there. The best course of action is simply to ask, because if you don’t ask, well, you simply don’t get. It’s also hugely important to remember that obtaining that degree whilst also encountering the most important journey of your life is so extremely empowering, and something to be extremely proud of.

Hopefully this bit of advice will give you the push you need to continue onwards towards your degree, whilst also embracing the wonder of pregnancy and parenthood too.