Writing your essay very often appears to be a terrible and agonizing task among students of different faculties and academic levels (undergrads, bachelors,
masters etc.). An essay may be required for the class, for your scholarship, for the exam or even for the contest. Everything seems very bewildering for

Essay writing as a global project that may seem to you at first glance can be minimized into some smaller parts. Thus, you can make the process of homework
writing very easy and pleasant when you assign someone to write my essay.

A stereotype of an essay is frequently resulted in such a structure as a title of the essay, its introduction, a body and a conclusion.

Following the simple steps, you can write a remarkable draft of your essay whatever the purpose of it may be. There are eight main steps of writing an
appropriate essay:

  • Brainstorming;

  • Draft;

  • Five essay parts;

  • Specificity;

  • Creativeness;

  • Feedback;

  • Editing;

  • Expert evaluation.

Start with brainstorming

When you have an issue or a difficult situation in your life, the first thing you do is analyze it and look for the ways out. The same is with your essay.
You should get more ideas about the question or a topic you should write about, so do we at FreelaneHouse. Fresh air helps your brain work harder and produce the ideas quicker. Therefore, you
can go outside for a break with a cup of hot tea and relax a bit, while your brain will have some time to generate ideas.

One more helpful tip for brainstorming is, on the contrary, starting exploiting your brain with the maximum force you can. Write down all your ideas on a
sheet of paper. The ideas may be sometimes even crazy and extravagant, but they can help you make the choice and decide what you will write about.

For example, you have to write about the use of laptops during the class. Let us imagine you have chosen to write about their importance and you want to
convince the audience that students should use laptops during their classes all the time.

The brainstormed ideas may be as follows:

Convenience, access to many materials, space economizing, speed of search and usage, one laptop instead of hundreds of books, watching films and
playing games during lectures

(you can avoid mentioning it in your essay then, of course).

  1. Write a draft of your essay

Once completing the flight of your ideas, you should write an outline of your essay. You should not worry to make your draft perfect, because it should
only be a sketch for the further development.

Making a draft, you may also draw some pictures and caricatures to make you draft more vivid and illustrative for you. They often help visualize the
aspects of your essay. Some students write they essay draft listening to a particular kind of music that helps remember the general idea.

Again, with the essay connected with laptops, you can switch your laptop on and try to imagine you are on a lecture. What can use the laptop for? Which
functions of the laptop are helpful during your Math or English? What programs can be used during your Computer Science class?

  1. Make a structure of five main parts of your essay

Write a thesis statement – determine the main idea in your essay and write a clear and laconic sentence that will show your basic point.
There are two parts of the thesis statement – the first part that will state the topic and the second part that claims the point of the academic paper you
are writing.

For instance, your thesis statement for using laptops may be as follows:

During the student years, laptops have become the most convenient, time saving and space economizing tools for using them during classes.

Write a body – each main idea that you have written in your outline or a diagram will become a separate piece that will be discussed and
closely investigated in your assignment.

Each thought/idea equals to a body paragraph that will make it clearer. Do not forget about the examples you will support your ideas with. Each paragraph
should contain at least 3 examples.

Complete an introduction – it should make a focus of the essay and catch the attention of your reader or listener. You can use a dialogue,
a story, some shocking information to grab the attention. You may simply summarize your essay in an introductory part.

Write a conclusion – it closes the topic and provides the final perspective of your essay topic. You can review your main ideas reflected
in your paragraphs and reinforce the thesis.

Write a title of your essay – usually, a title is written after the whole essay is ready. For your laptop employment you can use the
following title:

Laptops against Professors: Every Student should have this Weapon


College Classes are Useless without a Laptop: Be Smarter than any University Student

  1. Verify your examples on specificity

Each example you give to support your view point should be concrete and definite. Choose such sources as relevant and trustful newspapers and magazines
where the pieces of news are given very precisely.

  1. Write creatively

Search for your creative angle in writing. You can combine your hobby, favorite pastime or just the things you know well with your essay. For example, if
you are interested in playing computer games, but you cannot indicate this point as a strong one in your essay about laptops during classes, you can make
use of it all the same. Share some strategies implemented in your favorite game with your class-mates in your essay. Discover what games are the most
popular among students and why they play them during classes, what makes them avoid studying.

  1. Receive the feedback

Ask one of your family members, your friends or relatives to look at your essay. Does it look like a good essay for them? What would they like to change in
it? You may also ask your professor to have a quick look at it. It will give you some extra points in terms of respect and trust on the behalf of your

  1. Proofread and edit your essay

Make all the necessary corrections after you have re-read the essay. Even if you need to rewrite some sentences, there is nothing bad in it. You learn
while writing too. Underline the misspelled words or sentences with a red pen or a pencil and copy them out for you to remember the cases where you were
wrong. Then you can share the essay writing with your friend once again. Let him/her read it carefully and look for the mistakes. They are more likely to
see your mistakes, because we learn from failure not from success.

  1. Give your paper for the expert assessment

Do you have time to edit the paper yourself? Do you have enough strength to do it after exhausting writing you completed? If no, you can use our help from
professional experts, editors and writers.

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