Do we really need good education nowadays or we can google any information? The importance of education is one of the hottest topics since the issue is still relevant. To be or not to be? Millions of high-school students all over the world face this question. Today we’re going to discuss if good education matters nowadays or not.

The first university in the world

The oldest existing and very first alma mater in the world is the University of Karueein, founded in 859 AD in Fez, Morocco. Today it continually operates as well as another oldest university in Europe — The University of Bologna, Italy which was founded in 1088.

It’s hard to neglect that higher education was a sign of privilege. Today there are many internships and grants, but a thousand year ago one needed to be rich to get a good education.

Advantages of good education

Since disadvantages of a good education are obvious, let’s concentrate on pros. After looking through these advantages, you will be able to decide if you need higher education or not.

1) If your dream is to work for a big company, education is a must. Do you want to work at Apple? Google? Audi? Good education is a must if you strive to build a career to be proud of. Yes, you will spend up to 4-5 years in your alma mater, but believe us, the result worth it.

2) Good education is a big advantage if you strive to start your own company. Education makes us disciplined, we are able to distinguish what we like and what we don’t like, university itself is a great place for networking – you will be able to meet many people to cooperate in the future.

3) The experience of a lifetime. Education is one of the brightest experiences in your life, especially if you used to study abroad. New culture, new country, new foreign languages. If you are thinking of education, choose university abroad. That’s an experience you will never regret about.

4) Education opens your mind. Years of study are oftentimes named ‘golden years’. You study what you like, you have practice, you can make mistakes and learn how to do what you love as required. University is a great platform to begin with something small to put it on practice in the future to your own big project. Good education means good outlook.

5) A nice goal. Education can be your goal. What is the difference between a dream and a goal? A goal is a strict, limited in time dream. In other words, ‘to be happy’ is not a goal, but to graduate from X university with diploma on French literature in 2017 is something. Good education can be an excellent goal and if you are a person who loves challenges in life — here you can start.

6) Good education makes you face different challenges — from writing an essay and looking for a nice research paper writing service to proofread your paper to communication with professors. In other words, the university is a good school of life where you can learn how to face and most significantly to stand any problems.

To sum up, it’s cooler to graduate from a decent alma mater and boast of good education then be without it. Do not hesitate to set challenges and make your dream come true — if it’s higher education or any other goal in your life. Good luck!