Speed reading. How to read eight times faster?

The life speed constantly increases. It requires additional efforts from us to adhere to it. In the Information era to get, read and analyze written texts quickly are essential skills if you desire to know what’s going on and continue to develop.

Whether you want to beat your record of reading books per year or improve browsing skills you need to inquire the basics of speed reading.

The following notes will help you with it.

Determine the goal

If you’re, for instance, looking for the list of top UK assignment writing services on the Internet the search engine will give you almost 20 million relatively relevant results. To find the appropriate article fast define the additional feature like the date it was published. This way your mind will concentrate only on the left side of the page and numbers, and ignore the redundant data.

With academic books especially if they are well-structured, you can perform the same trick. Only concentrate on definitions, short explanations and formulas. If it’s possible, mark necessary paragraphs for better concentration.

Define the reason

Every day on our heads pours the powerful waterfall of information. To separate what’s valuable and truthful you need to develop a screening skill. That will help you to save time and don’t overload your mind.

Bringing everything to an end is not the useful principle here. If you’re not obligated to read the book or article and you doubt its statement or possible benefits from it, or it’s simply boring, set it aside and start a new one. Maybe later you’ll appreciate it.

Stop repeating words to yourself

This habit allows us centering our mind entirely on the text and quicker memorizing the required information. But it also slows us down. If you’re willing to finish books faster, try to get rid of it. You can chew gum or croon something, or eat during the process to escape obeying to it.

Concentrate entirely

Avoid returns to the previous words and paragraphs. Especially if you’re doing this not because you haven’t comprehended something. When you can’t fully dive into the book, it’s common. Control yourself and force to continue to the next portion of the text. You can also hide the last read sentences using a piece of paper or scrolling down if you’re employing a gadget.

Another trick that can assist you is meta guiding. Use your finger, pencil or just turn your head to follow the words. It doesn’t concern eyes. To read faster, you need to decrease the number of their movements only considering that there is a limit of what and where a reader can see at the initial glimpse.

Train regularly

Measure your current speed and set the aim and the period for achieving it. Find a quiet place and try to read faster than you can understand the essence for two minutes. Have a rest for a minute and repeat. Increase the speed and the period each time. Use some pointer to help you not losing the text. Gradually cease employing it.

Another day train different mentioned skill or trick. Make an exercise schedule to attain your goal in time. As an alternative use appropriate applications, software or websites. If you don’t see a sign of progress, change the program to the one that you will more benefit from. Explore the Web, communicate on blogs to get reviews from the people that achieved a desirable reading speed.