How to prepare for the exam alone and collectively?

Guide on how to prepare yourself for the best exams grades

For higher efficiency, it is better to combine self-preparation for testing with a group one. The process of studying can be divided into two stages: the mastering of the information alone, and then the joint study and consolidation of the learned material.

Stage 1: learning by yourself

  1. Refresh your knowledge

Re-read the summaries you made during the lectures, review the needed paragraphs in the books. Even if the student had been studying diligently during the whole semester, it is still too early to relax. Some part of the information becomes to be forgotten over the time, the active knowledge transfer to passive memory. To avoid getting into the situation “I was learning, but I do not remember now,” it’s better not to neglect the repetition.

  1. Look for more information

To prepare thoroughly and own the material fluently you need to stock up a vast amount of knowledge. Read not only class book but develop comprehensively, search for missing or additional information on the Internet. This will give you self-confidence, which is also very important in the exam. Any question of the teacher will not make you feel embarrassed if you are ready for it.

  1. Feel the gaps

On the last step of self-preparation, you are filling the gaps in your knowledge, taking a deeper look at those questions that are unclear or complicated for you, checking yourself. If the exam is in the form of testing, then the preparation steps described above will be enough, but if the exam takes place in the speaking form, then it is desirable to practice in the expression of your knowledge. Try to simulate a real review and clearly articulate what you do you say in response to this or that question.

Stage 2: group learning

This stage is, so to say, the final grinding. It assumes that students already own the basic material, but they still have some weaknesses or gaps in knowledge.

  1. Ask questions and conduct discussions

Students can discuss some controversial issues in the group, explain difficult parts to each other, share additional knowledge on the topic, check each other asking questions, etc. Such preparation will help you to reveal quickly what you are strong in, and what you need to finish up. Also, you will be able to see how good in this object are your groupmates, which will give you peace of mind and confidence.

  1. Improve your writing skills

If you buy an essay for college, when you do not have enough time to write it by yourself, then you are guaranteed to get a proper evaluation, although if you have time, then do not be lazy to pay your attention to this skill and train your ability to write correctly and beautifully. It will be beneficial to you not only on the exam but much more times in your life. The writing manner can tell a lot about a person, so prove yourself as a literate one.

  1. Repeat and retell

Retell the educational material to as many people as possible, even if they do not listen to you attentively, this exercise is rather for you, not for them. Like this, you will surely memorize the information and reproduce it in due time without unnecessary excitement. Your brain perceives everything you say aloud in your own words as your personal experience, and you definitely will not lose it.