How to Overcome the Fear of the Exam

Exams can make both lecturers and students very nervous, upset, worried etc. But the most widespread emotion is fear. When studying is not familiar with a subject and stands in awe of the exam, fear is quite logic. But there are occasions when a person is well up on a subject but is suffering from such strong anxiety as if he/she is not unaware of anything at all.

Do you feel panic when is coming examination?

  1. A student may be quite unsure before the exam as he does not want to be ashamed. He dreads that if he does not go through the examination with honors, everybody will look at him with disrespect and say: “And this is that stupid student who could not answer such a simple question.” This shame is so intense that it completely paralyzes the person while answering. In such cases, to bring the anxiety of the knowledge checking under, the main point is to realize that you are the creator of dissatisfaction and you transmit this emotion into the world. You overestimate the importance of the opinion of others about you. Your surrounding will react to your failure either indifferently or even genially if you direct your thought to more positive way.
  2. A student may have a dread of the test because he owns steep demands to himself (perfectionism). He ideates that everything should be done perfectly. Any non-ideal execution of anything, including passing the exam, is regarded as a catastrophe. There is always an internal voice that says – no matter how well he passes the exam, it will still not be good enough. The student is not that afraid to fail a test but to pass it “not ideally enough.” In such cases, to make the fear vanish, you need to remind yourself that there is no perfect person in this world – even teachers are not.
  3. A student may have a common fear of public performance. Trembling before the examination arises because the student becomеs lost not only of the tests but of any life context where it is necessary to speak in front of the public or express your opinion. In this situation, you need to train the skill to speak publicly – only practice can change the situation. In such cases, to reduce the fear of the checking, you need to grasp – the inability to speak is not a sign of stupidity. Many great and knowledgeable people did not know how to express their thoughts at all. And with that, there are a lot of fools who can speak beautifully. The ability to speak is just a skill that is given to some by birth, but which everyone can learn.

And a small tip – make every reasonable effort to prepare for a test. Obviously, buying your assignments, you will not possess much positiveness. The exam is nothing more than a reflection of the level of your knowledge and skills in a particular period. Any level of expertise can be changed, and the most important thing is to be honest with yourself.