Make Your Copywriting Stunning Using 15 Easy Do’s

Why do some articles and stories become viral and some remain unread?
Most writers ask themselves about it and often cannot find the answer. The author of the New York Times bestseller “Contagious: Why Things Catch On,” Jonah Berger has discovered the truth. In his book, he describes the things that make your content more likely to be shared.
To help you craft the viral copy, we’ve gathered all useful facts and pieces of advice from the best experts, and will gladly share this information with you.
Ultimate Copywriting Secrets from Psychologists

1. Include Social Currency

The most shareable information is that contains social currency. People want to know about the latest features and trends, and enjoy to be the part of the special offer or event. Most our actions are determined by the public opinion, so people are more likely to read and discuss the content that makes them look good to those around them.

2. Apply Triggers

Trigger is something that helps us associate different things. We often talk about ideas that first come to our mind. If you want to make your copy engaging and interesting for readers, use triggers to remind your audience about important everyday things. Thus, your ideas will be on top of their minds.

3. Use Emotional Words

To bring more value to your content, you need to take advantage of the emotional words. They will help you deliver the right message to your readers. Just determine what feelings you want to arise and use the right words.
Describe something in your article people cannot resist commenting on, something they will want to discuss. Or you can make people worry about the things they are doing wrong. You may also write about some funny and inspiring things.
In fact, you may hit positive or negative emotions, both types work. Think about targeting fear, anger, joy, surprise, and lust.

4. Tell a Story

A proven way to interest readers with your particular article is to tell a story. People love stories and they enjoy sharing them. Create memorable and engaging narrative to engage people in discussion. Good stories remain the part of the history. Do you want your content to be famous and remarkable? Then tell good stories.

5. Generate Titles

Needless to say why title of your post is so important. The title determines whether people will read your piece of writing or not. It should engage, intrigue and just make people click on it to read the article that hides behind this amazing title. If you need some fresh ideas or just cannot choose the proper title for your text, take advantage of the tool that generates titles.

6. Generate More Titles from Keywords

These days, keyword optimization is very important. To help people find your amazing content online, you need to include keywords in the title of your text. Therefore, you will interact with your audience and provide real value. Generate titles from keywords to determine your customers’ core wants and needs.

7. Consider Using Keywords that Will Bring You More Traffic

Getting traffic to your content is vitally important for the success of your blog or website. As you probably know, one of the best ways to bring more traffic is to use relevant keywords in your articles, such as:
• how to be a fun person
• describe yourself essay
• good excuses for being late to school
• excuses for being late to class
• how to memorize a speech
• best art blogs
• netflix addiction
However, before using keywords in texts and titles, make sure to check them with Google AdWords.

8. Describe Controversial, Inspiring or Shocking Things

People enjoy reading stories that shock, inspire or cause contradictory emotions. That’s why when choosing the topic for your next article make sure it includes one of these things. Your task is to engage the readers and make them continue reading, so better describe the things that will attract their attention.

9. Add Viral Component to Your Copy

You need to include contagious component in your text, at least one of those six STEPPS described by Jonah Berger: Social currency, triggers, emotions, public, practical value, and stories. This way your copy will more likely to be widely shared and commented on.

10. Include Powerful Words into the Title of Your Post

To attract more attention to your article or story, include effective words into the title:
• Agony
• Apocalypse
• Crisis
• Fooled
• Horrific
• Invasion
• Panic
• Mistake
• Terror
• Stupid
• Victim
• Warning
• Amazing
• Cheer
• Devoted
• Hope
• Hero
• Miracle
• Spirit
• Stunning
• Surprising
• Victory
• Wonderful
• Magic

These words will wake people up, and chances are they will become more engaged in reading.

11. Keep Paragraphs Short

Your text has to be easy to read and comprehend. Keep your sentences short and to-the-point. Also avoid long paragraphs. People better scan information if the paragraphs are no longer than 3 lines.

12. Use Symbols Instead of Words

Our eyes look for the easiest information first. That’s why when it is possible, use symbols in place of words. For instance, it would be better to write “&” instead of “and” or “$” in place of “money”. You should also use numerals, not written numbers: 12, but not “twelve.” When writing the article, make it as easy and quickly to read as possible.

13. In Lists, Write the Best Points at the Top and Bottom

People tend to read the first and the last point in the lists. That’s why if you have a bullet list or a numbered list of 7 points, write the most important 3 points at the top and your most essential 2 points at the bottom. Those points in the middle are seldom read, they are usually overlooked. Make sure to structure your article accordingly.

14. Put a Caption Under Photos that Matter

It is believed that people don’t read captions. However, they do. Don’t make the widespread mistake and provide your readers with meaningful and descriptive caption over or under every image or photo you use in your post.

15. Repeat Important Messages

If you want to deliver some essential message or concept to your readers, don’t be afraid to repeat it several times. If you mention about it somewhere once, people can easily oversee it and just continue reading. Do repeat important idea to have the desired result from your copy.