You’ve probably heard about coaching. You might have even received some coaching, or you might have applied it to boost someone’s performance, even if you didn’t actually think about it as ‘coaching.’

Coaching is believed to be an effective way of developing a person’s abilities and skills and improving general performance. A person who is called a coach supports an individual in achieving a specific professional or personal aim.

Do I really need a personal coach?

Coaching has become very popular recently. Not only organizations have strong coaching cultures but also many people have personal coaches. But is it just a popular trend or a proven way to identify and focus on what’s really important?

A century ago we had a 12-hour work day, and considered it to be normal. Today we haven’t just reduced the work hours, we hire coaches for guidance and support. It doesn’t mean that we became more sluggish, we try to adjust to the current situation. Modern competitive environment requires effective work and right decisions to reach desired results. Many people cannot define what is important for them and need expert advice. And coaching is a great way to open a person’s full potential.

If you feel that you need to change something in your life, or your work is not efficient any more but you don’t know what to do, coaching may work. A personal coach will help you to manage your time better, reduce stress, develop particular skills and abilities, and benefit of any activity you take.

What can coaches do for your business?

Coaching is an effective business tool. For you as a businessman, it can help to raise the employees engagement and results. A recent Gallup research revealed that only 13% of employees around the globe are engaged at work. Very often people are not satisfied with their jobs and duties but don’t tell anyone about it. They continue doing the things they don’t like and it affects the company’s profit. Coaching can help people to identify the strengths and interests, and do the job they are good at. Employees will be satisfied with their work which will impact the organization’s financial performance.

With expert and qualified guidance, people are able to achieve the levels of performance to the highest possible degree. Today companies do understand that coaching can help their professionals increase professional fulfillment and performance at work.


What can coaches do for my personal developmet?

Coaching is partly consulting and partly therapy. A coach can help you stand out, find your own way and take those actions that are really important to you. Your personal coach can also help you:

  • To be honest with yourself and set clear goals;
  • To identify what you don’t know;
  • To move forward and motivate for further development;
  • To get skills essential for leaders;
  • To identify your values, create a focus and live happier.

Your coach will help you succeed. How much is it worth to you?

Why you should not be afraid to undertake coaching

Coaching really works. Companies and executives get benefit from their coaches, that’s why clients are always coming back making the industry so popular.

A coach always knows how to talk with a client to lead him to successful decisions and strategies. But coaching doesn’t only lead to the right decisions, it makes taking actions and creating effective solutions in your own life.

Coaching is a genuine art that is worth the investment. Organizations with strong coaching cultures report their revenue to be above average. Those who undertake coaching can expect great improvement in productivity, and satisfaction with life and work.

Coaching is not an answer for all problems

Coaching is about developing the person’s capabilities. The business environment becomes more complex, that’s why the coaching help is essential for understanding how to act. However, you shouldn’t be relaxed thinking that the coach will do everything for you. The coach is an essential part of your learning process, but it is you and only you who should work hard to reach desired goals.

Your coach will show you the right direction of your personal or professional development, will help you to make the proper decisions. And you need to demonstrate the desire to develop your potential and do your best to follow all those things your coach has determined for your progress.

Does coaching make us more narcissistic?

It might. There are some types of characters that require special physiological approach when getting coaching help. Serious narcissistic personality disorder happens rarely at workplace, but there is always a risk. When the coach lacks psychological training, he can just ignore some problems he doesn’t understand making the situation even worse.

Narcissists are great employees as they are driven to achieve results. But such self-involved individuals disregard the rules and devalue those people they think are beneath them. Narcissists are not likely to change their behavior. Therefore, such people need special coaching, with the great attention to their physiological wellbeing.

Does coaching make us more lazy?

It also might. In a nutshell, coaching is aimed to help you provide with the guidance and support to excel in any area of you life. However, it often happens that people are not completely open and honest with their coaches on the coach sessions. This may create a barrier for reaching results and make you more lazy.

People tend to avoid complex decisions and would be happy if someone else, like a coach, make them. However, as we have already discussed, coaching is not the answer for all problems. The role of your coach is to provide you with guidance, but not to do everything for you. Surely, if you relax hoping that a coach will deal with all stuff, this will lead to apathy and laziness.

To get the most out of coaching, you need to talk openly about your life, ideas and feelings. To overcome the problems and difficulties, you need to explore them and face. In other words, it is possible to create a concrete effective plan only if you are honest with yourself and your coach.

Keep improving your skills and achieve more than you have ever imagined with individual coaching solutions. And don’t let the fear of failure or laziness stop you from opening your full potential.