The process of applying to college is a time consuming and exhausting experience. One of the toughest stages is, no doubt, preparing a decent application
essay. Admission committees are looking for the unique and the most outstanding candidates that can boast having exceptional interests, strong personality,
and promising success.

The application essay, unlike the test scores and grades, gives you an excellent opportunity to distinguish yourself among other applicants. It is your
chance to present your personality, passion, dedication and just show who you are. Your admission essay is, in fact, the main reason of being accepted or

The following information will walk you through the process of creating well-structured, thoughtful and captivating essay to maximize your chances to be
accepted to your dream college.

Structure Your Essay in a Coherent Manner

Application essay has the common essay structure. It should have the introduction, main body and conclusion.

  • Introduction

In admission essays, introduction is the most important part, especially the first sentence. It should get to point right away. The first words have to
describe your motivation, interest, desire to study and be compelling and unique at the same time. Your introduction should engage and make the reader
continue reading.

  • Body paragraphs

The main paragraphs should explain in details what you’ve said in the introduction. Your sentences have to be meaningful and provide all important details
to support your thoughts and ideas.

  • Conclusion

In your conclusion, mention all key points stated in the body paragraphs. Just restate them in a conclusive manner to remind the reader about the most
important things you have previously described.

Writing Tips to Make the Most of Your Essay

The number one piece of advice from admission officers about your essay writing is “Be yourself.” The second suggestion is “Start writing as soon as
possible.” Make sure also to follow other tips while writing to reach the desired result.

Demonstrate college-level style of writing.
Your word choice reveals a lot of your personality and intellect. Make sure to use excellent English and use words in the right context. If you doubt,
better consult a dictionary to check the spelling and the right use of particular words. Admissions board will be satisfied with the superior command of

Make your essay the right length.
Most prompt be strict to the number of words you should use in your application essay. If it’s 500 words, then don’t insert 800 words just to show that you
have much to say on the topic. Try to disclose your ideas without breaking the word limit. Omit poorly developed ideas and irrelevant details.

Revise and edit your essay.
Ask someone to read your admission essay. The fresh pair of eyes can provide useful comments and editing suggestions. Make sure to check you essay multiple
times before submitting the final version.

Make Sure to Avoid the Common Mistakes

Young people trip over the main obstacles when writing essay and usually make the common mistakes in their work. Here are some pieces of advice to avoid
the usual pitfalls.

  • Don’t write only what the admission staff want to hear. You have to be honest and state your opinion. Admission officers don’t want to receive the
    false evidence about what type of person you are.

  • Don’t state something without providing examples. Don’t give general information and well-known facts. You need to back up your ideas with
    important details and examples. This way, you will sound convincing and engaging.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute. To prepare a well-written essay, you need to spend a lot of time. That’s why you have to start early to be sure
    you have plenty of time to think over all aspects of your work.

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